Take the Stress Out of Selling Your Home with Manage Me Property Rentals

Selling a home can be stressful. Boxing up all your possessions, carrying furniture to a moving truck, finding a new home—not to mention the exhaustion, the time spent, and the tears—the last thing you need is further stress from the process of selling your home. This is where Manage Me Property Rentals can help. We’re experts in property management for investors.

We place an emphasis on forming strong relationships with our customers to ensure that you get what you want, how you want it. Just as important as the quality and size of the home is understanding the area in which you live. Property prices are often dictated by the location of the property, and our experience will ensure that your home finds the right buyer, at the right price. We serve the Canberra, Queanbeyan, Gungahlin, and Harrison areas.

Photographs Say a Thousand Words

Like it or not, image is an invaluable part of the selling process. Our experts will take professional photographs to create a strong online image of your home and bring in the right prospective tenants for your property. From our point of view, mediocrity is never acceptable, and excellence is a goal that has to be reached. These goals come from creating a positive image of your home in photos and meeting the highest standards we set for ourselves.

We understand the real estate market in all the areas in which we work. Turning over the main work to us will help reduce stress for you, and ensure that you get the right price for your property. Aside from creating a positive image for your home, we will also take care of all the paperwork and contracts that go along with selling a home. Paperwork can always be a tricky proposition, and by letting the experts take care of it, you’ll avoid the tediousness of sorting through the selling process on paper.

Cleanliness Is One of the Highest Virtues

Along with creating a positive image through photos is creating a positive image the instant a potential buyer comes to visit your home. This maintenance includes cleaning up your yard, making the outside look new and clean with a fresh coat of paint, and ensuring that a positive first impression is made upon entering your home.

We offer a unique online management system for all of the properties we manage. This system helps to ensure that you’re constantly up to date with what is going on in the selling process. We understand that constantly keeping our clients up-to-date is of the utmost importance. Despite the fact that you’ll be turning over all the tediousness of selling a home to us, we also want to give you a feeling of control. After all, it’s your property—you should never feel out of the loop. Call Amy on 0418 645 095 to set a consultation with us. Take the stress out of selling your home by letting professionals take care of the tedious part. It’s the smart decision to make.