When you need a Real Estate Agent, Manage Me – Property Rentals Can Help Canberra, Harrison, Queanbeyan and Gungahlin Region Properties

Manage Me – Property Rentals are dedicated to providing property management services. Serving all of Canberra, Harrison, Queanbeyan, and the Gungahlin region, we are available to help make your goals, our goals. Manage Me – Property Rentals will always act in your best interest. We are an independent agency without all of the large overhead costs and commissions that you will be subject to with most real estate agents. When you need a real estate agent Gungahlin property owners will find experience and professional success with Manage Me – Property Rentals.

Real Estate Agent Gets to Know Gungahlin Property Owners and Tenants

Manage Me – Property Rentals always make an effort to get to know the landlords and tenants that we work with. We believe that establishing a good professional relationship helps us to match people with the right properties and helps us to better communicate and manage our properties. We strive to take away the hassle of managing property and tenants from our landlords, so that they only need to focus on their income. When we act as your real estate agent Queanbeyan properties will always benefit from our knowledge and interactions.

Every member of our team are experienced as a real estate agent, and knowledgeable about all of our rental property needs. We provide cost effective, practical solutions to maintenance needs and are always proactive in keeping up the properties we manage. With Manage Me – Property Rentals as your real estate agent Canberra property owners will be kept up to date and aware of all aspects of their properties. You can have peace of mind when you let us manage your property for you.

With our unique online management system, the information about your property will always be close at hand. All of our landlords and tenants receive secure logins to access the system so that they can view information about their property. The system has all of our communication documentation and financial information for the properties we manage, so you can always access this information when you need it.

Manage Me – Property Rentals doesn’t just manage rental properties. We are also available to manage sales of property. When one of our managers acts as your real estate agent Harrison, Canberra, Queanbeyan, and Gungahlin region properties will receive regular updates on the progress of your sale. We act in your best interest. We provide all of our clients with an honest, comparative market analysis so that they will be able to see how their property fits into the market.

Professional Photography Helps Potential Tenants and Buyers See Themselves In Your Property!

When we work with landlords to manage rental properties, and when we help owners to manage the sale of properties, we always start with professional photographs. A picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs of the property help potential tenants or buyers see themselves living in the property and bring you more business. Professional photography is standard for all properties that we work with.

Whether you need a real estate agent to help you manage your rental property, or to help manage the sale of your property, Manage Me – Property Rentals can help. We are passionate about the real estate market and we will help you to make the most of your investment. We work with properties in Canberra, Harrison, Queanbeyan, and the Gungahlin region.